Benzo withdrawal with Carbamazepine

Has anyone been on this med before for benzo withdrawal? I need to get off 2mg of klonazepam.

What do you think @everhopeful

I haven’t been on this med before.

I came off 0.5mg clonazepam very very very slowly.

Here’s a post I made earlier :

I was on 0.5mg a day of clonazepam, and got horrible withdrawals. The way I eventually came if it was by slowly increasing the amount of days between taking it.

At the beginning I would take it every other day for 2 weeks, then every 3 days for two weeks, etc.

Doing it very slowly was the key.

Good luck coming off it.


Carbamazepine or Tegretol is sometimes used for benzodiazepine withdrawal but it’s a heavy duty mood stabilizer that requires blood testing.

I was on carbamazepine for years for bipolar disorder.

Me too, but I did it differently. I read skipping days is bad because the medication level drops in your blood stream, then you take it a few days later and it jumps back up, and so on… up and down like a yo-yo

When I quit 0.5mg/day (about 2 years ago) I also went very slowly but when I quit I took my medication every day, I just reduced the dose by about 10% every 4 weeks. So it was a slow smooth reduction of clonazepam in my system. I did okay, but when I got down to a very tiny amount, I quit and had 3 weeks of withdrawals, then I was fine.

I am now back on clonazepam again, but this time 1.5mg/night for insomnia. If I am ever able to sleep again naturally I am not looking forward to going through the tapering and withdrawal process all over again.

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