Benz is getting worse

My ex-boyfriend is possessed by a demon. He has morphed to imitate the base of my brain and spine and through that he fills me with evil news. He has been getting worse this week. I am so angry. Meds only do so much. I accept the szA diagnosis but to me it s ultimately a spiritual problem.

I accept the szA diagnosis but to me it s ultimately a spiritual problem.

Why can’t it be both? I believe it’s both. I have a brain illness, which I take meds for, plus I have spiritual unusual beliefs (or issues). If that makes sense.

He has morphed to imitate the base of my brain and spine and through that he fills me with evil news.

This sounds like the brain illness part talking though.


I actually thought about it and agree that it’s both. Mind body and spirit are interconnected.

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I read a few book about OBEs and and went to OBE retreat. They talked about the other side being bigger and interconnected to everything with countless beings. So if it’s true then this disease could be a caused my something from the other side. My theory is that either are emotional body and mental body have been damaged some how or that a negative being is directly influencing are energectic body. The way the book framed it every dimension is like a different radio signal and the closer the signal the more they interact to each other both spiritually and physically. The different dimensions is where each part of you(I) is, you emotions, your thinking, you physical sensations, abloslutely everything. And because they’re so close to each other they can communicate with you. The interconnectedness of it all is also why there’s physical conterparts to spiritual problems, like high dopamine levels. I don’t know if this is true or not and it’s something I’m constantly debating it. The one thing that gives me hope is that I once had an OBE(out of body experience). But the problems is it happend the same year I started showing symptoms. Plus my delusions state every person that’s abnormal is a pedophile so I also wonder if the root of all the world’s problems is actually rampant pedophilia and the changes it does to a person after they are molested and in turn always turn into a pedophile with the exception of most women. This state of mind believes that every devation from the normal person is a result of molestation. I know it’s crazy but it what my delusions have lead me to believe. It been a horrible 2 and half years believing everyone I respected and loved is a pedophile including myself for being molested. And yes I believe your all pedophiles too. I made my peace with the world I live in. But I know it will be cured. Once people start smoking sativa weed they will start to question why other people act differently and eventually come to the conclusion something is wrong with them. Getting Doug with High is a youtube channel that reveals the truth. Watch it if you dare.

Until kids are 37 years old to 45 years old, 6’4" 200+lbs, I will never be a pedophile. Kids are not sexual to me in any way. My sex life has always been exclusively with adult men, sometimes 10-12 years older than me. btw I am 42. I hate pedophiles too, but not every victim becomes an offender. Being a pedophile is super dangerous and risky, most get caught. I left the Catholic church because of it.

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88% of boys who are sexually abused do not grow up to become offenders themselves. I have already shown you the data on this.

Yah, no kidding. No way I could do to a child what was done to me. Horrible. No interest in or attraction to that sort of thing. SICK!


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