Benfica is the portuguese champion again

My favorite soccer team is champion again :smile:

It’s always a good omen for me when they win the championship. Always a good year.

I heard the match on the radio it was exciting.

Anyhoo, have a great day everyone!


Everybody, young and old, is really into their soccer in Portugal. I bet your mother has a favourite team.

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It’s benfica too. My dad was benfica too. My grandad on my dads side too. My sisters, just for spite are for Sporting, that’s another team. :smile:


I’m happy for this experience and your wellness :slight_smile:

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My favorite EPL team just got relegated :crying_cat_face:

Congratulations, @Minnii! I hope tradition holds up and this year is an excellent one for you :heart_eyes_cat:

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Better be! There are high stakes here!

Do you like Ronaldo?

He’s a great player.

Yes he is. I like Pepe

I like messi :smile:

Who’s your favorite team outside of the Portuguese league?

I haven’t been watching outside the Portuguese league :slight_smile: but I used to like real Madrid back in the day

That’s who I like. Real Madrid. Bale is my favorite

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Am a Man U fan. Sadly since sir Alex Ferguson left they have been struggling.

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Ahaha! thank you :slight_smile:

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