Benefits of sz/sza-------


I haven’t gotten so much as a handicapped parking tag.

There is more than meets the eyes in life pixel

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You keep posting bad memes as if they’re profound. They’re just bad memes, d00d. It’s the same crap I block on my Facebook feed.

one mans meat is another mans poison

get over it

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I’m doing fine. What have you accomplished lately?

Anything? Bueller?

I am on the path of self discovery

Just breathing fresh air every day is bonus 4 me

Basically joyful to be alive


Schizophrenia frees up our time, so that we can self actualize.

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we are very special imo

I think you are correct sir

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Hardships in life makes people special IMO

In that case everyone is special,

Which means were all the same.

Having SZ/SZA doesn’t make you some kind of warrior.

Everyone’s got issues.


Special needs?


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