Benefits of Anitpsychotics

Are there any known benefits of antipsychotics other than fixing hallucination, voices, psychosis?
What I can benefit from it if I wasn’t schizophrenic and neither bipolar?

Is there any general benefits other than fixing psychosis etc etc…

No other benefits. They’re only made to fix positive symptoms of schizophrenia. If you took them its hard to stop them because you will have positive symptoms. Your brain adapts to them. I don’t know if its permanent. Maybe its permanent because street drugs can cause permanent schizophrenia.

I’d imagine they’d give you parkinson’s type symptoms if you didn’t need them. I suppose they would help sleep…they came from out of the major tranqualizers so there’s that…it wouldn’t be beneficial to someone so called normal.

I am curious why you faked your sz?
Were you homeless?

I have this but I need them. It’s a nasty side effect that is common on my drug Amisulpride.

To be fair it was worse on Haldol and Lurisadone

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Yeah it’s still possible to get them even when you need them. My apologies was just theorizing.

@nonschizo . If a doctor gives you them then chances are you need them. Plenty of people around here go off the meds to their detriment. Relapse is common in this community and a big reason we are pro meds.

That’s ok.

It is a common problem with a section of the APs

The reason I suffer with it is because I have to be on a high dose for it to work properly, but this means I get unwanted side effects.

The doctor tells me we need to use counter meds to help with this as he doesn’t want to upset my psychosis stability

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yes, i’m still homeless right now i’m sleeping in the hospital.

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I’ve heard they may reduce risk of brain cancer

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Besides positve symptoms, they also help negative and cognitive symptoms of sz