Benefits felt from microdosing LSD might be placebo effect, study finds

I know LSD was used in the 60s for therapeutic purposes. I didn’t realize they were trying microdosing.

The only place I have heard the term microdosing before is with magic mushrooms. Apparently they are quite effective in alleviating depression at low doses

Here in Canada they are working on making magic mushrooms legal now.

What does placebo mean?

I couldnt think of anything worse tbh !

I highly doubt any of it was a placebo. they were taking 13 microns ! The standard dose is about a 100, its clearly going to affect you somehow, especially if you have a MI

I dont know how on earth LSD would reduce paranoia and anxiety as they claim !

Anyways, you can count me out !

My father is microdosing cannabis.
It’s medical marijuana for his chronic pain.

So far he’s having good results.

I agree.
A crock of horse ■■■■ if you ask me.

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