Benefit Concert

A student in college had a beautiful singing voice and a severe allergy problem. She could barely eat anything and struggled day to day. Eventually a drug that reversed the effect was found. Unfortunately the drug was very expensive and soon her parent’s insurance dropped her. and she couldn’t find anyone to insure her. The pharmacy company paid for some of it but soon she faced signing for disability. So she called up every singer she knew and sent them a video of her singing. So a major concert was held so she could afford the med. She celebrated by eating a 4 course meal.


Nice inspirational story :slight_smile: Thanks!

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This was based on a real fear of mine that a drug a family member now takes would not be covered by insurance like my meds were not when I was a young adult. Fortunately it is covered for now. I apologize if this caused any trouble. But if things ever change I hope something like that happens because that lady can really sing.

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