Ben and jerries ice cream delivery by drone

Gonna put in an order for Americone dream and the tonight dough. If it ships tonight from seven eleven by drone it should be outside my window by 11pm


It’s an amazing time to be alive :smile:

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Eventually we will have kids jumping from trees with butterfly nets to get those sweet stolen drone ice creams.

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They’ll have butterfly nets on their own drones. Drone capture drones.

Spoiled little sh:ts, lol.

Oh wow! I didn’t think of that! Then the antitheft security drones. The sky will be a swarm!

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Did it come yet @MeghillaGorilla1?

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Not yet Sunlion it’s completely by from up north and there’s some inclement weather

those are probably the two best flavors also

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That’s good. That way you know itll be cold if it comes from up north! lol

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It never came. Going drone hunting now, gonna take some one else’s order, I think mine got hijacked

are you kidding? lol

Nah man a buckshot and a Labrador retriever will bring me someone else’s drone


soon they will probably be able to transport things electronically so that they materialise through the internet, they will use a biological printer and it will print out the food in 3D, it will be soo cool lol.

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A carefully placed buckshot to the propellers will have that baby screaming towards earth at a high velocity. We might need a trampoline to break the fall

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I would print out endless pints of my fabourite Ben and jerries ice cream at 1 in the morning


the first thing i thought of was a donner kebab lol yummy but so unhealthy,

its like those things on the starship enterprise, cant remember what they were called but they were cool, you just spoke to it what you would like and it materialised :confused:

How soon will this be lol?

I’ve heard of this it could be very dangerous for the world of weapon trafficking and drug trafficking and stuff.

But I don’t see this happening anytime soon lol.

The technology on these things is absolutely incredible. I saw a ten year old fly a drone with a camera on it about 500 yards into a fireworks display where it hovered for the entire display taking pictures and then returned back to the dock he was standing in and land effortlessly in his hand.
It was amazing