Bella, Tim Hortons coffee and Netflix

My little treat for getting a few things done.


Good for you. You deserve it. Enjoy. :cow::cow::cow:

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yayyy…i have been getting treats too…all because of my birthday…having a big party for me on Saturday…can’t wait…I am so happy for you though…!!


I hope you have a great birthday party!!

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thanks love…I intend on having a VERY good time at the party…thus I won’t be on here …against the rules to be here when intoxicated.

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Happy birthday juke! Early. I hope you have a wonderful day.:blush:

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the party is four days after my actual birthday but thank you @roxanna I love you so much…I hope you are at peace.

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I’ll be alright. Love ya too!:blush:

I try to have a Tim’s every day. How do you take your coffee?

Triple triple is my choice

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