Believing in Peace

Sometimes I wonder if I’m being lied to as an American citizen, since I’m against drone strikes and I don’t believe that the chemical attack in Syria came from its government. I don’t agree with any sort of intervention. People keep saying that their taking away american weapons and there’s a gun ban. I don’t know if it’s propaganda or conspiracy anymore, there aren’t many decent journalism sources. Either it’s propaganda or BS or biased talking heads. The only thing I care about is limiting the amount of innocent people dying or at the hands of aggressive government control. I value freedom for myself and others. I do not believe violence and war will help any country, and it’s not just the East or West. It’s human beings, as a people, who are losing the ability to stand for whats true.


That’s what’s on my mind right now.

In my opinion they never did stand for what was true, or should i say we?

I agree with intervention to help and not to harm.

If i saw a kid getting hit outside id intervene in a way that i could, not to say i could take on a body builder or would even try, it’s the same principle.

I don’t know though how intervening to help a bunch of people being murdered by killing more people is helping though.

Thats alot like trying to help the kid getting hit by hitting him isn’t it?

This is one convoluted shyte hole isn’t it.

And then there is maud.