Belief In God, or lack of

Used to be a Christian too before I got psychosis. After that it became impossible to believe in it. I’ve tried I don’t even know how anymore.

I personally believe in an intelligent design as many scientists are agreeing to the belief in an intelligence behind all creation. Just look at how intelligent we are at designing new things that we created just out of the raw materials we have already on the planet and of course all the science we discover to be able to do this. So, I believe that all things came from God, so then all things are God and that is how the God of the Bible is described as being Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent.

Those Dragonflies flying around are really Gods most intelligent drones.

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Sorry to hear this. In a way - I can relate. Did you have any religious delusions? I had a lot of them and part of the reason I’m cautious.

Oh yeah I had serious religious delusions just way outta control. I would morph from jesus taking over my body and becoming Jesus back to myself and actually believe it was a new gift that God told me they brought in called “the gift of transferance”

I wasn’t really following christianity at all for a long time. Then I got really messed up on drugs and close to death one night had a meltdown. 3 months later went to a charismatic church camp to be a councilor kinda like my own form of rehab… yeah I was developing psychosis before that even before the drug use.

So that’s how religion got tied into my psychosis.

And whole wack of other nonsense.

I wonder why so many of us with sz get such religious delusions?

I think it seems to happen due to where your primary core belief was at the time you developed psychosis. Just my thoughts on it.

If your bored I wrote one of my episodes down a while back. It’s at the top. I couldn’t make it up if I tried…

I had religious delusions when I was ill. I was supposed to help Jesus return to Earth after the post rapture battle between Good and evil. I am still a strong christian.

Thanks for sharing your episode.

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Good on you for remaining strong.

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I’m a science person. But during my psychosis I became really religious, all religions actually. That passed, I’m still a science person. Maybe a bit more inclined to the spiritual side of life, but without the searches on the subject. I just like the unknown, we don’t know so there’s no answer to the question of wether there is or isn’t a god.

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thats really interesting @Minnii , did you ever have previous knowledge of religions? or just became hyper interrested in all religions?

I became gradually interested, didn’t have a lot of knowledge previously.

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mine amped up at a church camp although stuff was happening before it, it just contributed to me becoming hyperreligious. they would ask people to close there eyes and see if god would tell them anything.
of course i had the most detailed of closed eye visual hallucinations and people thought i was gifted… yeah… so that definitely accelerated things , it was like a perfect storm for enabling and affirming.

my religious delusions came from hearing voices, i blamed the voices on supernatrul entiteds, it was mental torture , i still haven’t got over it

Damn, that’s harsh. People have no idea the things that can happen.

In the course that I’m taking it’s all about taoism and connection to the source of life, in a very spiritual way some classes. I don’t like it very much, but the rest is really scientific so there’s balance.

Some people want to see things, lol it’s beyond my comprehension.

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[quote=“azteccelt, post:1, topic:35178”]

  1. Do you believe in god?

  2. If so, how do you define him/her/it/ or any scientific energy?
    [/quote]1. I believe there is a God.

  3. That’s the thing - I don’t define God anymore. Rather than try to create a paradigm in which I feel comfortable, I’ll let God do the talking or revealing. I don’t want to create inaccurate or false beliefs about God, so I simply remain silent on the matter.

[quote=“azteccelt, post:1, topic:35178”]
I used to be a hardcore Christian.
[/quote]Same here. I even started learning Hebrew & Greek to try and perfect my understanding of the Bible, but after much prayer & consideration I felt “informed” that I no longer had to study the Bible - that I had graduated from that experience and get to move on to a more subdued approach to spirituality & understanding.

[quote=“azteccelt, post:1, topic:35178”]
For the past seven years I’ve struggled with suicide attempts, alcohol addiction, and hospitalizations.
[/quote]I was hospitalized multiple times for NO good reason. In fact, not a single hospitalization should have even occurred - but because my antipsychotic drugs were causing tourettes like symptoms, I randomly would have police called on me & escorting me out. Shouting or yelling is a crime apparently.

I have no problems with suicidal idealation, though, but Haldol did cause some when I was on that. Also haven’t had any alcohol problems. The stuff reeks and tastes terrible, in my opinion.

I’m at the same spot you are spiritually. I still love the bible, but I look at it more as parables to live your life bye.

Thankfully I’ve been sober for about 8 months.

Keep seeking for the truth in all things. The Gnostics called it “gnosis” which I think means wisdom.

Thank you all for your kind and insightful responses. I hope you all feel very loved and blessed today! :slight_smile:

I believe in God but don’t necessarily believe in heaven. Heaven is a place on earth. Couldn’t imagine a place better than this. I feel God has a plan but not sure what… I try not to think about it…but the other day I said to my mom “do you like rush”…she says she doesn’t really know them…so I go to play Tom Sawyer and as I’m searching it 1/500 chance it comes on. These ■■■■ happens a lot. I have so many God winks just to remind me he’s real. Not sure gods purpose but I’m a big believer.

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HAHA! That’s awesome! :smile:

I don’t know if I believe in heaven and hell. But I do believe in an afterlife.

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