Being young and rich must be the dream life!

you’re best years of life and you don’t have to worry about money. most people are older and rich, after years of working their lives away. i wish i was young and rich, don’t you?


I have two cousins who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths and they are the most stuck up people I have ever met. I don’t want to be like them.


In 2013 I saw a TV show about the lifestyles of the rich and famous in LA so I packed my backpack and moved to Los Angeles from Minnesota. I had no job lined up and no money for an apartment so I ended up living at the Midnight Mission on skid row for nearly eight months then I left and was going back and forth between sleeping at the Los Angeles Mission and the Emmanuel Baptist Mission. We only got six hours of sleep at those two missions so after about a month of lack of sleep I gave up and texted my dad to ask if I could live with him. He said yes so I flew back to Minnesota and went back to his apartment.

My plan to get rich and famous failed miserably and was a miserable experience.


my ship has already sailed off to sea. i missed my chance to be rich years ago when i chose not to invest in bitcoin. but i told all my friends about it like 10 years ago haha. i just didn’t put my money where my mouth was.

so instead i did loads of physical labor for less pay, when i was young.

but my current life isn’t too bad, i will probably try to work 15 hours a week, whenever i move back to my hometown. i will be taken care of, and won’t be too stressed, with plenty of free time for relaxation and hobbies.


yeah i also had to move back home after moving away. was living out of my car in oregon delivering newspapers in the morning, i couldn’t afford my own apartment even. so i slept in hospital parking lots, and walmart parking lots. reality sucks haha. would shower at the gym.

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Investing in bitcoin to me is gambling since no government in the world backs bitcoin as currency or legal tender. However, if one wants to get rich quick then sure… why not.

I think it’s great being the child of a wealthy family but being that child educes arrogance and being stuck up. It’s like how Donald Trump is when his attitude & behavior is for all to see when he was POTUS.

Anyhow, relying on the wealth of the family business to finance the life of a young rich person has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Dream life is as such.

You have a coherent dream and actionable work that leads to it, sustaining enough energy to make it happen. Just embodying that, always.

Literally the perfect life.

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I think peeps that have trust funds don’t do as well in maintaining considerable wealth as those who have worked for it.

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I don’t hope to become rich. I don’t like the American dream. I don’t want wealth, I want equality and classless society

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Unfortunately Communism attempted equality and a classless society and that system of governance lead to the fall of the former USSR. The hierarchy of upper, middle and lower class as defined in someone’s social economic status holds true.

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Yes, I do. I think you have a much greater chance of being successful, if you don’t have to worry about money. I think you would be much more creative too. My father used to own a furniture store and also a top salesman for a furniture company. He took better care of his 2nd children and stepchildren than his first, so I have to have anxiety problems. But my mother didn’t want to associate with him.

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I’m a trust fund baby
When I was young and had a lot of disposable income I bought nice clothes and spent a lot of time travelling
I was, by the time going away alone not with family was an option, pretty bored of 5* hotels
When I think about how many lives I could have improved through charity work I feel ashamed
But I only just hang on to my own sanity

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Unfortunately you’re saying that peace is good but proved unattainable so why not war and turmoil and fights etc? Communism is an ideal, it was established in a wrong way. It was never proved wrong

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I was young and relatively rich,

Independent of my parents.

My boyfriend made a ton of money and so did I.

We lived in a nice house and spent money like we didn’t have to count it.

Of course, that didn’t last.

His job market collapsed and we had to move.

I don’t think fliff money is for the young, they don’t know how to handle it.

Now, we’re super comfortable and don’t spend a ton of money on stupid ■■■■.

But we’re older now and know to save.


The Soviet command economy vs. the American market economy proved that the American capitalistic market economy prevailed. Other than warring with each other, fighting and turmoil does occur between the different social economic classes. Peace is a good time to build up for war. The one-party state is a proven method of governance which Communism is based upon. However, the Communism style of economy was proven wrong.

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I once got a compensation for a car accident of £2000 and i thought I was balling :joy: i was like 17/18, embarrassed to look back on what I wasted it on :woman_facepalming:t2:

I actually owed my mum money and chose to not pay her back because I was stupid, thankfully we are all squared up now lol


Everybody is different! Most rich people work very hard and have problems too and trust fund kids also have issues of there own. The grass is not always greener.


I suffer from the grass is always greener syndrome, which is why Facebook and Instagram bug me so much. I know people with the seemingly perfect life who Precovid shoved their biannual expensive vacation pictures down their “friends” throats. I blocked them permanently!

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