Being wise whatever this costs?

i been mentally ill for 12 years
and all the these years voices keep threatening to kill me
different contexts different ways
all say i will be killed

now after all these years i feel i may die in the near future
sometime i say
suicide is hard nd i know this very well
if they killed me it will nice thing becoz i cant suicide
and we all will die!!!

what i understand here from ppl here in this forum
even if you will die in the near future keep believing that (voices) cant hurt anyone and keep being wise in the years you live

at the end
i d like to say
i believe in life is gift
and each one of us has certain gift
nd those who kill others it wont be a gift at all


Have you tried clozapine ?

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Being alive is a miracle. A 100 million spermcells swim for the female egg which gets renewed every month, but only one spermcell will make it. If it wasn’t that exact egg and spermcell, we would not exist.


i wish if i dont
it has horrible side effects
i heard about this
i m on olanzepine & risperidone
nd i m ok
i m grateful for that


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