Being watched by black shadow

It caught me looking and took off mishaped. It’s waiting on me to die.


out of the corner of your eye? It’s just a figment of your imagination. Or a hallucination. You aren’t going to die. You’re safe. The shadow isn’t real. It’s going to be okay, I promise.



You’ve been having a real hard time lately.

Have you told your pdoc about these problems?

They may be able to help.

I agree with @Leaf, this shadow figure is nothing, you shouldn’t worry about it.

I just worry about you,

Please bring this up with your doctor.

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I was supposed to see my pdoc yesterday. I got sick with covid and my caseworker is rescheduled for me.


Oh my gods,

You have COVID?

Did you get the vaccine?

I got jandj vaccine back on march 11th. I’ll be okay it’s mild.



I’m glad you got the vaccine and will have mild symptoms.

I hate that you’re struggling so much.

You’re a good and funny person, Roxanna,

You don’t deserve the suffering.

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Take care of yourself @roxanna
Hope you start feeling better soon.
Physically and mentally

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Thx I’m strong hugs. Wave hugs


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