Being treated differently

I’m having a sad moment tonight because it’s just so unfair that being sick makes people treat you differently.

Before I got ill my partner’s mother ■■■■■■■ loved me- was always calling me up, being kind and even standing up for me when my partner was being a dick. Now she barely even speaks to me and I texted her the other day to ask her something and she said ‘just Google it’ in this really dismissive way. I can tell she now just sees me as a burden to her son and is thinking he deserves better. But I’ve not suddenly become some horrible person - I’m still kind and try and look after him and do my best to make a contribution. It’s just so ■■■■ and feels so unfair.

How do you all cope with being disliked for no other reason than having this illness? I just get so intensely sad, it’s hard to move past it and toughen up or whatever.


That’s really tough. I’ve been ignored by people because of this illness.

Some people suck.


I tell people who have a problem with it to eat my shorts and cut them out of my life.


My mother is actually doing a course on SZ. Not sure what to make of it. Maybe she will treat me differently if she understands it more, but the ship sailed a long time ago, so unsure

I think it’s a genuinely nice thing for someone to do

Not once have I had anybody go to that length to try and be more understanding.

She is a good example of kindness


I have a lot of trouble with this. I have had a few relapses, and the difference in how people treat me during one is astounding.

When I am healthy I can’t fully trust people because i already know how their attitudes will shift when I need more help.