Being torn between two supplements

My doctor gave the ok for cbd oil and sarcosine. But my partner cant afford both. So she asked me to pick one and maybe after Christmas I can get back on both. I just feel like I’m having to pick between the lesser of two evils when it comes to symptoms. Either be anxious or be unmotivated either way the in laws are unhappy

I’m not big on supplements although I took fish oil for years. Stopped it. Did it help? Probably yes, probably no.

I’d try the Sarcosine because I think it’s cheaper? From what I’ve seen about cbd oil is that it’s pretty expensive for a decent dose. I’m sure others will know!

For me. Biggest supplement that has helped me recently has been adding exercise. It’s taken a while but it’s results have been good!


Until today I have been taking 600 mg L-theanine daily. I think it was having good effects, but it made me very sleepy. If I sat down during the day I got dopey. Now I’m taking 200 mg daily, and I feel much better. I’ll keep everyone posted on how it is going with the L-theanine.


I’ve read cbd helps with positives, while sarcosine helps with negatives and cognitives.
So, it depends what symptoms you have.
I would try sarcosine first, because it needs time to be effective and then i would buy cbd.

I’m more concerned with positives my in laws seem more concerned with negatives like motivation.

But I have an appointment in two weeks to see my pdoc to discuss the injection again

Do you have pain that won’t go away? Try CBD oil. Do you have negative sz symptoms? Try sarcosine

Never thought of it that way. I know it helped while I had a small bottle

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