Being thankful (rant)

I’m trying to be thankful that I have a place to stay, food to eat, and a good sum of money in my bank account. I’m honestly so depressed at the moment because my body continues to deteriorate. I’m tired and exhausted. I honestly don’t wish this on anyone including my worst enemy. Since I assume 99% of you don’t have a degenerative disease, I’m happy that you all have functioning bodies.

I’m learning slowly to be grateful for what I have. It’ll take work.

All I want is for my PD to stop making me depressed and for me to accept my condition. It’s so hard when you lose your health! All I wish at the moment is to go back to my old self and be healthy again. But I know that’s simply not possible. I think I took my body for granted.

I’m suicidal and depressed again and all I could think about is my past. I want my non-spastic body back.

I’m seriously and wholeheartedly wishing all of you good health. :heart:


Hopefully things get better for you, :pray:

I hope so too. I know there isn’t a cure but I’m hoping for the best.

I have degenerative diseases. You have to push past it. Don’t let it define you. Do your best and stop dwelling on it because it’ll drive you crazy if you don’t.

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I agree on this. I guess I just have trouble accepting my condition. How are you managing your condition?

Exercise and good nutrition, including B vitamins are best thing for depression. Walking outside would be helpful.

i hope things improve for you…
i can’t imagine what it must be like having MI and physical disability… my dad is in a wheel chair and i’m always grateful i have sz and no physical problems. I always think how much worse it could be.