Being schizophrenic vs Having schizophrenia

I agree that defining a person by their disability/condition/disorder is unbalanced at best. However, when I was finally diagnosed with the one thing that encompasses everything I’ve experienced the vast majority of my life, I had found my identity. I was never “normal”, so that’s not a term that speaks to me. I don’t identify with most of society, so using terms that make me feel more like everyone else simply doesn’t work. It doesn’t change the truth about me. That’s just me, and I respect other people’s preferences.

I am an Abilify regular customer/consumer. Strange, isn’t?

No matter what, people will judge you. Unless they hear about you from you being admited to ward. Then things change, and others view you with little more compassion.

I stashed my meds and I don’t go to therapy, because they talk to me like I’m grieving over my dead pet, and details about my pet dying is too clear and irrelevant for them, so they don’t give a ■■■■ to act accordingly, I hate those social psychologist, I’m still connected with them since my last homelessness. Bunch of faggoting but not helping going on there. Never seeing them again