Being scared at night?

I get scared at night sometimes since im usually alone. Ever since my cousin broke in with a knife a few months back, ive become more aware of what i should do in case of break ins. But it has also kept me on edge at night where every single noise gets magnified. I dont hear voices or anything, its just the house moving that gives the illusion that someone is breaking in.

I never used to think of stuff like this because im a large man that lifts weights, but lately ive been feeling kind of weird. Like i no longer feel invincible ever since being harassed.

Not sure how to remedy it besides installing bars on the windows.

My house got broken into while I was home too. My car has been ransacked. I’ve had patio furniture stolen. Other things were stolen from our garage. It’s so frustrating. Luckily, my husband is almost always home.

If someone is carrying a gun it doesn’t matter how much bigger you are than them. You shouldn’t try to apprehend them by yourself.

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