Being rejected

One of a woman I meet real life dis added me on Facebook and it let me think and wonder why…we met at support group and today I also meet her,I think she disadd me last week,I didn’t dare to ask why…but I felt quit affected by it

Does she think I am negative so she doesn’t wanna be my friend I wonder?i already try my best to be positive already,still working on it

What do you mean by “dis added” you on facebook? You mean “unfriended”? How do you know? I wouldn’t put too much on it - it could have been a mistake, the person could have accidentally clicked a wrong button - as people often do on computers.

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If you met her at a support group, she might have experienced some paranoia that caused her to do things she normally wouldn’t do.

Don’t take it personally…it says more about her than you.

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Plenty of times I have gotten unfriended and a couple of weeks later that same person has sent me a new friend’s request. Facebook can be quirky that way.

Once when I was extremely paranoid, I thought that people on facebook could through facebook know everything about me, so I tried to leave and unfriended everyone. Later on, when I was not paranoid, I tried to refriend everyone, and most people refriended me.

I was talking to a friend about our old mentor unfriending me after I disclosed my diagnosis to her. Kind of make me feel uncomfortable. My friend said FB has bugs and do that without informing either of u. Somehow he let me know I unfriended him and he tries to use that explaination on it. I didn’t think he would notice. And I understand instantly he felt bothered too.

Then I got to understand everybody got some time they are unfriended for reasons they would never know. And everybody get some social anxiety on using FB. I re-add him immediately and dont feel bothered again.

We say in Recovery International: “Nervous parsons are good observers but poor interpreters of behavior”. Also, Facebook is unreliable.

■■■■ guys,I know I think why the guy unfriendly me on Facebook,she asked me if I want friends with benefit,I didn’t understand that meaning and I replied things out of topic,I guess she thought I rejected her,even though I really don’t wanna to because I am having sexual issue and she isn’t really very hot,but now I understand what the Meaning of friends with benefit already

Horrible English mistakes,I misunderstood…I always thought that woman’s aren’t do into sex

Hey, Mobc, I’ve blown plenty of chances like you did too in my younger days Here’s another term to learn: “A sure thing”. Lol. A “sure thing” is when you know a girl wants to have sex with you. It’s when the sex is guaranteed. It could be a stranger, a friend, a neighbor, a co-worker, etc. It’s when a girl makes it clear that you can have sex with her.


But on a serious note (ive been posting ridiculously embarrassing posts about sex for the past hour), rejection hurts man. I get rejected all of the time. Im so used to it that Ive had girls blatantly hit on me and ive told myself they were just teasing me. WRONG! I then look in the mirror and im like “no I think she may have meant that” when I realize how muscular ive become. Then I tell my friends about it and they are always like “YOU COULD HAVE HAD HER DUMBASS”

I often shoot for girls who have the “bad girl” look, so what should I expect, a “bad girl” to blush and be like “yeah hi im (insert name)” no they act like they have the power and im thinking to myself “well i guess your a ##### queen arent you”. When I ask nice girls who arent edgy looking, they are way more receptive, sometimes too receptive, I think “stop complementing me, you sound desperate”.

But I was just casually trying to talk to this girl from a class and I was like “what are you up to? Im going to see a guest lecturer on the origins of speech” and she said that “thats gross” and I was thinking I wanted to just say “I’m out of your league dont talk down to me” but I didnt. Im a good dog.

Just stay in your league. I went for a girl who was out of my league last semester and got dissapointed when she cancelled coffee twice. Girls generally dont go for guys who arent in their leagues unless he’s a total douche or has money or drugs. Dont be a douche. Real men will make fun of you for being a douche.

Just lift is my advice. Im 5’7 and average in most regards (I have a handsome face though) but I am pretty damn built. It gets girls to notice you. The smart girls know that a guy who lifts works his ass off to look like that. If they dont take a built guy over a skinny douche bag who drives a sports car, theyre not the girl you want in the first place.

@mortimermouse,thx,I am also well built,body wise,but I need to improve my sociability

Just be confident. I remind myself that once they do accept me, they wont regret it. Thats a little perverted because I mean that in a sexual way but hey it works for confidence. Just remember that you’re awesome and will not disappoint and they pick up on your confidence and can virtually smell it. The key for me is to just not hold back, to make eye contact and not break it, to follow through questions you ask and keep their attention. If you dont make solid eye contact and hold it, they run away like squirrels. Its a thing in psychology, women look for trust signals in mates…like eye contact and even microexpressions, tiny movements in the face when asked questions that should require a thoughtful answer. If you break a smile suddenly, it can scare them.

I know, that sounds ridiculous, you think im lying, nah man check this out.

it’s a guide on body language, you can tell if a girl is attracted to you or not if you study this. It helps to know if the answer is “No” by not even having to ask.

For example, women often flick their hair if they find you attractive. They may not even realize it, but they are attracted when they do stuff like lick their lips and flick their hair and move their head when your talking to them.

but eye contact is number one. It’s like with animals, if you break contact, it means submission. Women want to be submissive, they just need to trust who they open up to. Like dog trainers teach you not to look away from your dogs eyes until they do first, same goes for women. If you look away, it means subconsciously to them that you consider yourself inferior to them, and thats not how a strong man is supposed to think of himself, simply put.