Being psychic

is it possible to be psychic ?

If you mean when you hear voices. No chance. I dont believe such rubbish.

havnt heard voices in ten years, plus my question wasn’t about me

One time I looked into being psychic

It said “if you hear voices or have divine reasoning for your psychic pondering, stop and don’t read any further”

People on here should not push their hallucinations off as being psychic

When the animals tell me things, they come true. Plus, I often get premonitions that come true. Like, the first time I saw my husband at a drs office I knew he would become my husband and we didn’t even talk that day


I do just that on my blog because I cannot do that here. My blog is my diary but some of my thoughts are not prorecovery. I also discuss thinking that I am being hexed. Delusions are really hard to break and I don’t know if I will ever completely shake that line of thinking.


Sometimes i believe i am.

I believe I am because God gave me the power to see the afterlife. We’re all going to heaven, there is no hell or nothing. Nothing can change this and my thoughts.

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I believe the opposite sort of. No heaven, just hell. We are all going to burn in hell.

I dont know. Sometimes I think my family and maybe me will go to heaven and other believers, but i keep seeing them unless they are from a parallel universe.

I feel like I’ve been to New heaven and new earth a few times. Then I remembered some contradictory stuff like i left to be a messenger of God or there was a robot /alien invasion at the end. The Bible sort of talks about this in a vastly different way. The battle of good vs evil. Satan’s army vs God’s army. Its an evangelical thing.

Anyways, I know I’m extremely psychic for various reasons. Its hard to prove it and make people believe it especially schizophrenics and when it’s right in their faces.

I think my psychic abilities were enhanced through death, torture, and resurrection over a million or so different times. It might be in the DNA or some quantum/advanced physics effects that are unknown to the most open, advanced, theoretical scientists on this planet.


I always thought I had Jesus’s DNA, still believe it sometimes. I tried to kill myself to prove that I am Jesus but nearly died. I told my psychiatrist I am Jesus and he diagnosed me with schizophrenia.


My view on life is distorted and skewed because of schizophrenia. I view schizophrenia as hell literally. If I didn’t have this disease I would be on the top of the world. Probably a billionaire or millionaire by now.

I think i got some aliem DNA. Possibly grey alien dna and some former reptilian family members under the earth that are looking out for me and protecting me. Ive been told im a vampire or something in my other lives. Even met Dracula because “they” resurrected him and he sired me or some crap in another life…

I’ve always wanted to serve my country like even infantry but they don’t like people who can time travel, have alien DNA, or what not – like vampires. They experiment on us. I think i used to be a super soldier in a past life. That’s the closest I’ve ever got in some ways.

Maybe I did serve in some of my past lives, but im too honest, im addicted to energy drinks, and I got Aspergers.

My life was destroyed. I rather be safe, alone, and poor, and even freaking homeless than be “experimented” on again and experience extreme agony, trauma, and suffering…

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I believed I was when I was younger. I was big into it. Now I see It was part of being ill.

You should write a book about your stories.


That’s what everyone says because its like science fiction…i used to be a decent writer but im paranoid and my memories are disjointed and scattered over a million different parallel lives.

It took a million + lifetimes to figure out i was turned into a vampire in a past life by aliens. They said i was the world’s first immortal…

I met nina dobrev the actress in a past life/parallel universe and they thought i was Stefan Salvatore, damon Salvatore, or klaus. I think klaus is freaking evil. Stefan Salvatore is the good guy. I dont want to be sued or piss people off but its true. I dont think these people are nice people at all…

Maybe she lied or maybe it’s just fiction…

I like the British guy from vampire diares because he is noble and respectable…

I’m only talking about this because I have trauma and it’s real. I might be the only one who remembers this crap. I seem to remember everything pretty much even after the universe collapses into a supposed singularity.

My brain was uploaded and I was experimented on. I think bladerunner or replicant from pkd sometimes…too.

I even went to 2044 and achieved or seen the singularity. Furthest in time I went was 3000 AD. It was black and dark. I think we lived under a one world government or some crap. Maybe even the British empire possibly/supposedly but i could be wrong. I just don’t know or recall really. I can’t remember at all what it was like.

I remember seeing a guy on a game show who said he used to work for a Psychic Network saying the question he’d ask people the most is “are you in a relationship?” because most people are. He admitted it was fake.

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Nope. Possible to be delusional and think you’re psychic.

I thought I was when I was 17. I tried to tell my so-called friends about it and it just freaked them out.

Not one told me I was ill

There’s no Jesus reincarnation because that’s just insanity.

No sane person would claim themselves the reincarnation of Jesus Christ

â– â– â– â–  the genealogy.

I can only hope to accomplish 1/100000000th of what Jesus accomplished.

Anyone who’s On a messianic level would probably not see their influence till after they die truly anyways