Being poor dose not mean you hate ever one, you just hate being poor

why help…im poor and can get all my bills payed, I’m do with out meds food and my water bill is past do. …im sick of have at ask for help from churchs. it belittles me that my family didn’t care to think a head for this illness running in the family and my self for not making more when I was working to ssi, I hate that I did speckup and say hay rase the ssd higher for people with disabilitys …when it all comes down to it we are all killing are self off by not help are selfs when no one think’s a head and vote for no one that never talks it out to the public…

I’m sorry you’re going through a rough patch doctor zen. Isn’t there anyone that can help you?

i’m work and still need a job…

Can you ask your boss for an advancement, just for the basics?

its like pulling teeth… no

Don’t know what to say that can help… i’m sorry you’re going through that, maybe next month things will go easier on you.

it’s easy to feel mad at everyone because of how much easier things are for them. my shrink told me that the only real coping mechanism is to be mad at the illness instead. i can on my better days, but it’s a struggle.