Being more unapologetic

Today at day treatment I got the criticism that I can’t expect people doing worse than me to always need my advice. This is a bit of a vent but I recover quickly and not everyone does and it’s not my job to help everyone who can’t get over the fact that they have negative symptoms and spend all day lying in bed. I have a friend who is dating a drug addict and she’s not even a close friend so it’s rude of me to feel bad for her. I’ve come to accept that not everyone’s lives are as bad as mine but I never accepted that not everyone’s lives are as good as mine either. Some people’s lives suck. Some people live pathetic lives and their highlight is a walk on the beach with a low functioning bf. That’s none of my business. They’re not my friend and they can feel bad for themselves all they want. Can’t compare myself. I want to deal with my problems in a healthy way and my dreams are worth pursuing even if they seem too small or too big for others. Some people are self destructive. They have low self esteem or turn to drugs and alcohol or run away from their problems or have low ambitions or motivation. Not my job to change them. Not everyone I hang out with has to want the same things in life I do or be walking a similar path. My life’s pretty good and I’m pretty happy, despite setbacks. Yeah. What about you? What are you unapologetic about?

I’m a Canadian. I am overly apologetic. I then go home and kick myself for not being more assertive. I have struggled with this for years.


I don’t mean to sound rude, nor am I trying to start an argument, but calling another’s life pathetic is pretty harsh. Who are we to judge what is a pathetic life? People have problems, be it mental illness, drug addiction, or being low income. None of those things makes one’s life pathetic. I would argue that most lives aren’t pathetic. I save that word for abusers and murderers, and even then I dont use the word lightly.

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Maybe I need to seek out more friendships with more successful people. Maybe clubhouse isn’t a good idea and I’d be better off involved in other activities…

I dont go to the clubhouse because I feel it’s full of low functioning folks that smoke all the time. They were also poor didnt have a car or money to do anything. But those people have problems and dont feel well. I really dont want to be harsh on them. Life is already hard for them. I sometimes feel sorry for them. I think your right about this not being the right crowd for you and needing to move on.

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Before starting hydroxyzine I could actually work FT. It’d be so great if I could go back to working just 3 days per week and not need to research out all these terrible community activities! I have 3 friends in this clubhouse. One only seems to go on special occasions to make inspirational speeches and eat holiday meals. I’m just going to pray to the lord to let me get back to work. My current friends are a good fit for me. Most are from Women’s Group!

I second this. :sunny:

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