Being made fun of on bus

Some bitch that don’t know ■■■■ from shot. ■■■■■■■ skank. Took a clonazepam.

I’m getting ready to get up and beat her with my shoe

Maybe just get off the bus if she’s making you uncomfortable?

Please don’t do it! There will be bad consequences.

Are you still on the bus now? Be careful… it’s not a good idea to get into a fight with her even if she does deserve a whack round the head with a shoe.

I’m not going to. I just wish she’d ■■■■. I forgot my headphones


It’s one of those things where someone is talking and laughing and you think they’re talking about you


Did your meds ever get adjusted? I’m sorry you’re still hearing people say things like that to you.

Yeah I have to give them a while.

Yeah imn hearing things.

I know what you mean and I hate it, one of the main reasons that makes me hate to go out. :angry:

Well I did spend some time with my mom so it’s worth it.


Went to get my meds. Homeward bound.


If she was laughing at you, may she cra.p her pants while in line at Walmart with a cart of Christmas goodies.