Being lonely

I’m lonely. Does anyone else feel the same? Does it go with schitzophrenia. Been single for 10 years.

I’m married and I still get lonely quite often.

Without this site I get very lonely

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I get lonely. Been single since 2006 I think or 2005. So sad. And my dad works five days a week so I’m alone a lot.

Yeah, I feel a gnawing loneliness. It’s about as constant as anything in my life. I’m afraid of violent rejection so I choose to suffer loneliness.

Talking to people on here makes me feel less lonely. It helps when the person/people you’re talking to understand some of what you go through and can help you sort it out.

People with MI often have a hard time finding friends and lovers.

There is the site, what is it called again?

I think it is- ?

Someone else please chime in if I did not get the name right.

It helps knowing there are others and you’re not alone

I had an intense, bitter loneliness when I was young, but now I’ve gotten to where I like the solitude. I live with about forty other sz’s, so I do have at least a little unavoidable interaction with others. That’s quite a bit more company than I have had at times in the past, and it is probably healthy for me to have it.

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