((( (*^*) - Being Judged - (*^*) )))

So ,

Being Judged … ,

Being Judged (by) Your Peers , , ,

Judged (by) your Parents … ,

Even Being Judged (by) your Doctor and (OR) Counselor … ,

So is it True (???) ,

Does tha Truth Say you Deserve Such Judging that Buries you into Hypothetical Quicksand … ,

e(Y)e Say thus … ,


Pretty much Saying ,

Be Yourself and Don’t let tha Dark Control your Actions … ,

So You Know what it means to Be Yourself , , ,

but When you are Around THOSE People do you Shut Down (???) ,

Do you Become Robotic in a Sense (???) ,

Unable to Laugh and (OR) even Cry all Within tha Misery of Bad Company … ,

If e(Y)e’m Talking to you , How do you Cope (???) ,

So in thee End of thus Post e(Y)e will try to Give Helpful Advice Myself … ,

Do Naught Worri About Being Judged for Being Yourself … ,

Those Chains are Shackled Tightly Around Your Thots … ,

It’s T(Y)me to ,

As Demi Lovato Would Say ,

It’s T(Y)me to Give Your Heart a Break … ,

Be Yourself and Laugh for a lil While … ,

You Probs Could Use a Smile (OR) Two to Feel Human Again … … …


We all walk our path, our journey through this life. We must understand that although we share the journey at times with others, we ultimately are alone with our thoughts. Basing a life upon other’s judgements is self defeating.

We must value our lives and our thoughts primarily, and care little for stranger’s judgements, Our value must trump other’s. Valuing loved and trust ones is up to you, but certainly have more worth.

Screw them, be pure and true…

I worry a lot about being judged by others. My brain doesn’t work very well all the time and it can make me very scatter brained and confused, I think it’s just fried from the psychosis/depression/ptsd/sleep disorder combo. This means sometimes I make REALLY dumb mistakes or do things like forget things immediately after I’m told them. Like today I was zoned out and accidentally took over a machine other people were using and basically messed it up for them. I felt so bad and I could tell they thought I was stupid.

Sometimes tha Strongest we are is when we Step Out of tha Psychological Self Protection Suit and Jus Quietly Get Back to Being Our True Selves … ,

but in No Way is thus a Competition … ,

No One to impress but Ourselves … … …

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(by) (tha) (way) ,

There’s Nothing Wrong with tha way you Feel Within your Moments of Public Appearance (OR) Private Min.s and Days … ,

As Long as You Are Being true to Yourself and Not Out to Hurt Anyone … ,


Which Jus Also Adds Yourself into tha Mix … ,

No Need to Hurt Yourself For Being Hurt (by) thee Others … ,

“normies” e(Y)e suppose … ,

So You Feel Terrible About tha News on T.V. … ,

Then Don’t Watch it yo … ,

How You Feel Personally is More Important then Watching Hours of Public Horror , Trust me , e(Y)e Would Know … ,

Tha News in my Opinion Jus Doesn’t need to be Seen (by) All … ,

Ok ,

Be Yourself . ,

and Be true … ,

Don’t Hurt Anyone and … ,

That Includes YOU ,

You Yourself … ,

Hurting Yourself is a Mistake that you May Naught Get Back From … ,

Hopefully that Last Sentence Doesn’t Appear as Judging … ,

Naught my Intentions … ,

Being Yourself is Being True to Yourself ,

and Your Reflection Shadow will Follow Right Behind … ,

You Might Even Get a Nice Surprise … ,

Patience is a Virtue … ,

Correct me if e(Y)e Sound Incorrect and (OR) Ridiculous … ,

You Never Know , it Might be Helpful … … …

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and Think of thus … ,

Sometimes a Person is Being Hypothetically Beaten Down so much that they Don’t Know (OR) Can’t Remember How it Feels to be Loved and (OR) Cared for … ,

So they Follow tha Cloudy Smoke Embers of Lies Being told to them (by) thee Abusers … ,

Naught Realizing it’s Lies , so they Can Continue to be their Favorite Punching Bag … ,

It’s a War that Can be Solved (by) Jus Moving on … ,

Take a Different Path and Disappear … ,

It Might Seem Boring at First … ,

but Once Again Your Trying to Hitch a Ride with those who Could Care less … ,

Tha Most Sensible way is to Ignore tha thots of Revenge and Let those Ideas Slip Away Forever … ,

You’re Better off with No Connection Whatsoever … … …

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I like the analogy of hitching a ride

Thanks Yo … ,

So am e(Y)e Jus tha Greatest thinker of Modern T(Y)me$ (OR) What (!!!) ,

e(Y)e Could be tha Smartest , Coolest Guy on thus Planet … ,

Down to Earth and Even Up into tha Light of tha Stars Sometimes … ,

It’s no Lie ,

e(Y)e Have a Beautiful Mynde … ,

but Back to tha Original Topic … ,

Do you Ever Feel as if you Are Being Judged (???) ,

and if So ,

How do you Get throo those Trapdoors (???)

I ignore them until they go away, then when they keep piling up I begin acting funny, like eating lots of ice cream and spending money I can’t afford etc. Then I get grumpy and finally realise I might actually be a bit angry, and then I re-evaluate my world-view and shift everything around in my head to match my new reality.

So you Revaluate Your World View … ,

and ,

Shift tha Rest to Keep your thots Grounded within Commonsense , in Order to Remain a Free Freedom Fighter (???) ,

Perhaps (???)

That which judges me is devalued, and my world-view changes. What was once paranoid, becomes supported by evidence. I live the conspiracy through fantasy, and then I reign it back in to whatever feels real.

I hope this service is amazing => This service is bad => It must be a conspiracy of doom => But it is probably just underfunded and built to serve the majority => who ate all the ice cream?

That isn’t Commonsense AT ALL (!!!) ,

Now is tha T(Y)me … ,

To Apologise for your Mis-behavior … ,

You are Acting too Free in your Mynde … ,

Completely and Morally incorrect … ,

Thank You ,

Try Again .

Could be :footprints:

Which Reminds me … ,

Off Topic , , ,

but , If you Would L(Y)Ke to win Some Fruity Pebbles … ,

Then Let me Know if e(Y)e’m Correct About thus Religious Poem … ,

e(Y)e Believe it’s Called ‘footprints in the sand’ … ,

Something About Jesus Carrying You on a Beach Somewhere … ,

Unless e(Y)e’m Completely Wrong … ,

Could You Post it to Show JESUS that you too , Would L(Y)Ke His Friendship … ,

Cause as e(Y)e L(Y)Ke to Say … ,

it’s Naught About ‘worshipping’ , it’s About Friendship … ,

Footprints in tha Sand … … …

Interesting … ,

Hmm … ,

It Seems that you are Out to Settle with Trapdoors as your way of Communication … ,

You’ll Never get to Hang Out with Jesus thus way … … …

One night a man had a dream.

He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord.

Across the sky flashed scenes from his life.

For each scene, he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand:

one belonging to him, and the other to the Lord.

When the last scene of his life flashed before him,

he looked back at the footprints in the sand.

He noticed that many times along the path of his life

there was only one set of footprints.

He also noticed that it happened at the

very lowest and saddest times in his life.

This really bothered him and he questioned the Lord about it.

"Lord, You said that once I decided to follow You,

You’d walk with me all the way.

But I have noticed that during the most troublesome

times in my life, there is only one set of footprints.

I don’t understand why when I needed You most

You would leave me."

The Lord replied, "My son, My precious child,

I love you and would never leave you.

During your times of trial and suffering,

when you see only one set of footprints,

it was then that I carried you."

“i didn’t like your song” … ,

Way too Funni … ,

N e Hoo ,

Thanks for Sharing Your Story … ,

It is Probs tha Greatest Ever told … ,

Never Doubt Yourself … ,

Cause you are Actually tha Coolest guy on tha Planet … ,

So Stay Safe ,

e(Y)e Got an off , off , Topic SonggG For ya … ,

Rite Here ,


(perhaps on a different topic) - (still tha same perhaps) - (perhaps on a different topic)

N e Hoo ,

Back to tha Topic of tha Greatest Birth of a thread that Cannot be Touched … ,

e(Y)e Shall Ask thus … ,

Do you Personally have ways to Battle Being Judged for no Good Reason (???) ,

If so ,

Please Share (!!!)

Im sorry for those who judge me are often jealous of me.

Some can’t appreciate me for who I am n all I am n do .
All they see is physical labor or lack of it…
They judge that often as disabled or those who don’t work are lazy sloths who should not get food and who should be killed.

They can’t comprehend that I was a workaholic making beyond billions n that I have done. Eautiful n good work with my eons etc and even helped people for free.

I’m sorry for them.

They are quick to hate on me n put all blame on me for things I’m innocent too n incite hate n lie n etc

I’m sorry for them.
That’s with them .
They don’t comprehend or know any better.
Perhaps they never will.

They think they are so perfect.lol
They may look it n behave it n even feel that way but is it them etc…
But I’ve seen them inside for real n it ain’t what it ain’t n disgusting is a word that comes to mind.

Yes people can be cruel n judgemental even those who have friends.

I heard someone complain that there friend feels sorry for them self n I don’t think that’s right approach to become hateful to your friend for not going out n about.
Even people I love are judgemental n hateful sometimes in ways I don’t approve of.

Stand your ground if ya reckon.