Being Ida: A Story of Borderline Personality Disorder

Sometimes the best way to deal with something as serious as a mental illness is to get real about what it feels like to live with it.
That’s exactly what 28-year-old Norwegian Ida Storm decided to do. After being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, Storm turned to her video camera to make sense of her experience.
“Being Ida,” the short documentary from Vice, highlights pieces from Storm’s diary with subtitles as she navigates her diagnosis over the course of several years. The recordings are a deeply personal insight into the everyday challenges and triumphs someone with mental illness can experience.
Borderline personality disorder affects 1.6 percent of American adults and can cause pervasive mood swings, including bouts of anger and anxiety. It’s a condition that many people don’t understand, which is why videos like Storm’s are so paramount. Negative stereotypes are a huge problem when it comes to mental illness, and research shows they may even prevent people from seeking treatment.
Watch the video above for more on Storm’s story (warning, some of the images may be triggering or disturbing to some). It’s a powerful reminder that you never know what someone may be dealing with.

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Seems like they removed the video… Or maybe it’s just not available for me because of my location or something?

No, its not removed.
You can watch it here too.

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Thank you! :heart:

You can’t watch the video in the first post?

No, and the second one didn’t work either (because of my location). I googled “youtube proxy” and used the first result and it’s working now. :smile:

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I can watch it on the OP. Thanks for sharing, really disturbing

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Apparently, this is just a Vice’s short cut of her full length movie ‘Ida’s Diary’.

That was a great video. It was intense and very sad but also nice… Thanks for sharing this.

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