Being Honest With Other Posters

Should we be honest and up front with each other, or should we just say nothing and watch the person repeat and continue down the same destructive path over and over again?


Be honest Patrick! I’m excited to see your honesty.

We should be honest with each other, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use tact. A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.


I think it depends on whether we are genuinely invested in helping that person. We should call each other out on unhealthy behaviors, but if the only reason we’re doing it is out of scorn, frustration, or a feeling of superiority, then we’re better off keeping our mouths shut.

Can we point to specific behaviors? Can we offer concrete suggestions on how to improve? Do we really hope to see the person be more successful? Then absolutely, yes.


Frustration especially tempts me.


Me too.


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…at least you’re being honest with me! lol!


:wink: honesty is the best policy


I am still learning for not trying to take advantage of others for feeling of superiority. (But that may be due to my grandiose delusion - “I am angel”, “I am the savior of the world”)

I’m not really at a maturity level yet where it’s based on should vs shouldn’t. For me it’s

Angry - Will be honest.
Calm - Will be honest.
Anxious - Will be silent.
Depressed - Will make it worse.

Oh, and

Happy - Will give you a delusional YOU CAN DO IT speech.