Being fully engaged with reality can be scary and bewildering

My normal state involves some level of detachment, like I’m always running on autopilot. I can talk to people, joke around with them, whatever, all while a bit detached. That’s comfortable for me. It’s when I come out of that detached state at work that it freaks me out a little. I’d say I’m not as detached as I used to be, considering it’s not as drastic of a change and not as bewildering when I come out of it, so maybe the Haldol is having an effect on that. But yeah, like today I briefly was fully engaged with everything/everyone around me, and it still was a little freaky. Everything suddenly was too real. Thank God it lasts only a minute or so before I slip back to my comfortable state.

Does anyone else have this problem?


I experience this as well. I much prefer my comfortable semi detached state.

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I am almost always fantasizing.

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I become afraid when reality hits me hard. When I become aware of the reality around me 200%. I belive that is a sign of relapse for me. When I feel connected to everything around me. I am small as an ant and huge as a pine at the same time. I become aware of every lifeform around me and feel connected to it. That is scary.

I feel enlighted. That is a bad sign for me.

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I usually remain detached and disengaged. Reality can be pretty overwhelming.


This was more me when I was younger than describes me today. Today, I am fully engaged with reality.


I used to be detached from everything. When I started taking Geodon, I suddenly became connected to everyone and everything. I started having a full range of emotions again, and actually caring about people. It really freaked me out for a long time, but I have learned to cope with it. Now, I prefer being connected, and I love my emotions. Even the negative ones.


Me too, in autopilot mode, and I didn’t know it happens to many of you as well.


Reality, stuck on full blast, can’t look away, can’t find the remote.

I still have a full range of emotions, still feel things for people, just very rarely am I fully present. It has lessened some since the addition of Haldol, though, after having lessened some with starting the Abilify injections. I’m on both APs now.

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