Being forced to marry

I believe that God once talked to me and told me to marry a girl I don’t like, and this has a delusion that I have been given orders to do so through the lightning and the thunder :fearful:. Is anyone at least familiar to being forced to get married as a schizophrenic.


You don’t need to marry her, it’s a delusion probably. Why would the all mighty be worried about you marrying a girl, makes no sense.

Remember you have an illness and it plays tricks on you.

Don’t marry her and you’ll be fine, no consequences.


Don’t do it!!! I was told by God that my first husband was chosen by Him for me. You could not have told me otherwise. I was extremely obedient. Even though this person was abusive towards me, I believed I was called to help heal this guy… When I realized I had to leave, I was so angry at God. Now I understand that I was delusional. I still have faith in God. I haven’t given up my core beliefs, but I know now that God would not have told me to marry someone like that. One way, for me, to test voices is to consider if what they’re saying makes sense and/or is good for me. Be careful :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

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Trust your heart not the voices in your head. :heart_eyes:

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I felt like I was condemned for not hooking up with a chick. I had my reasons why I didn’t but the delusions keep coming. Don’t listen to them.

No but I have a “memory” of at 12 being asked to deliver something like the ten commandments (some stone tablet in a wooden box) to a farm out in western massachuesettes. Or of having been on a cargo ship in a storm when the spirit of a teenage girl appeared beside me and spoke to me and then played out before me on the seemingly becalmed yet stormy seas the lives of “the prophets of Abraham” as if narrated by Morgan Freeman.

That and a thousand other things. I hear I’m singulraly responsible for 9/11, me. I hear I’m a rapist, a child molestor a murderer, an abuser and a thousand other things I’m not. Lightning and thunder? Hmm. But yet, I’m a half way decent guy in the midst of my insanity and a bit of a sweetheart behind it all.

I felt i was being forced to become a priest by god. I realized i didn’t have to when o started meds


Thank you, it is such a big support from you. I also believe that God have chose my first wife for me in my delusion.

Yet, what I was afraid about is that one paranoid schizophrenic suffered 30 years trying not to marry some girl. once I knew about him, I felt completely tired of doing anything. However, in my case, I asked the girl if she wants to marry me, she said no! But im still afraid if she is the right one for me, oh it hurts.

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yes, it is properly a delusion, but to me it is more realistic than you can ever imagine. You might have herd once from the bible that women is created from a rib out of man chest. In my delusion, I once shot a built into a shooting gallery of man body, and that built was shot into the rib of the gallery, which is not an accident after an angry eye came out of nowhere and looked at me right in the rib. What makes it more realistic is the pain in the rib that accrues every time I refuse to marry her.

I get that, my delusions and hallucinations were really fierce too. It’s like they want us to believe they’re real. It’s our minds that play tricks on us.

Are you currently on meds?

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haha, same here, the thunder gave me orders to become religious. If the sound of the thunder is real, no wounder why the ancient Greek believed in Zeus.

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yes, I take injuction every two weeks.

How long are you taking it? Sometimes it takes a while to work.

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15 months :sweat_smile:

Maybe change meds? It seems like an awful long time being that way.

I’ve never been married, so I have no first hand experience, but I’ve heard that there is no hell on earth like a loveless marriage. It’s something that would eat away at your insides for the rest of the time you were with her. Hopefully, you believe in divorce, because that would be your only hope of finding peace the whole time you were with her. I think the idea that God told you to marry this girl is totally delusional.

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actually this type of meds is good, but there are no psychologists in my country who qualify patients. Thats why i joined this website.

i’m not yet married to her, i was thinking to marry her and divorce her so I can get over it, but somehow i believe now that God wants me to have babies with her. It is an eternal hell.

Don’t do it. God would never want you to join in a loveless marriage.

If you go through with this it is not only bad for you, but incredibly unfair to her. Don’t let your delusional thinking convince you to do this to her. It’s good though that she doesn’t want to marry you. Just don’t act on these thoughts.