Being falsely accused in every sport I do

They always sit me down and say they’ve heard someone say that I said something like trash talk. I haven’t trash talked at this new gym. I politely went psychology on them and they said that they didn’t hear from anyone in particular “but have ears everywhere”. These two instructors I was sparring with are preparing to do an instructor test in Los Angeles and so they went way too hard in sparring and one of them broke my nose really badly, like blood all over the floor. I’m seeing the doc to get it reset in a bit.

Same ■■■■ happened with powerlifting, I got kicked off the team because “no one here likes you”.

You know I am calling ■■■■■■■■ on this one. I didn’t trash talk, if anything I didn’t talk enough, I hardly speak outside of the class and I’ve been there for like two weeks.

I get sick of this ■■■■. A smilar thing happened in research this past semester, the grad students said I was over prepared to meet with the professor and then the professor told me that the grad students told him that I hadn’t done enough research.

Am I just supposed to take this ■■■■? What game are we playing? Playing sick the two instructors on the retired and disabled guy was enough

That sounds horrible. Do you think they know you have schizophrenia based on your behavior? I’ve been shunned before by my peers based upon my erratic behavior and appearance. Both at school and work.

It’s possible the instructors just don’t like you and are trying to get you to leave. Do you think they might of broke your nose on purpose to get you to leave? Perhaps you said something and somebody took it the wrong way. I have poor social skills so I have a tendency to alienate people on accident.

That really sucks. Prejudice is everywhere. You should sue them for breaking your nose so they pay your medical expenses. But I guess that wouldn’t really help you with making friends.

I signed a waiver they get away with that ■■■■

Do you think that these people may be jealous of you? Could explain why they are acting like jerks.

You’re probably correct…it must suck to see a schizo do well…in some cases better than the observer