Being different should not be an excuse for people to attack and bully you

Such people are scum.

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It’s not an excuse. These people are just worthless scum.

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I was bullied too.

When I found myself in the position of being asked to bully others I chose not to. By sophomore year I was so burnt out and heart broken I didn’t even poke fun anymore, I was done for. Jeez I wish I’d died that year, I do.

Everyone I know goes away in the end.

I was the worst for fighting in school because everytime I saw someone getting bullied id start a fight with the bully. I almost got expelled several times…

I despise bullies, and I react to them with a certain level of violence. How ever I never kick them when they are down, and I never go for the dangerous areas like the stomach or the kidneys. Not afraid to kick a guy in the nuts tho, specially if his victim is female. Since at that point it becomes obvious he doesn’t need those parts…

The worst is when the bully is the adult and the bullied a kid. I went through this, had a teacher in fifth/sixth grade who not only encouraged my being bullied but took an active role in it. He was 23 at the time, just out of college and loved to tell us about his experience with the “funny mushrooms” over the weekend and assigned homework where we were supposed to define the meaning of a popular alternative song only to find the next day that there was only one correct answer that he’d only given to his favorites

had a teacher like that…I hated her guts. so I played the desperate ‘virgin’ got her to sleep with me, then reported that she had drugged me and done. problem solved…