Being diagnosed with pseudobulbar affect

“Something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right, I hope you have the time of your life.” -Green Day

SO. My pdoc told me some outstanding (sarcasm) news today. Turns out, I have pba (psuedodobulbar affect. He kinda bluntly told me this morning at 10:30 am, and he basically told me what it was and how to handle it carefully. In the end, I’mm glad my pdoc understands completely, as he also suffers with pba as well and his daughter does as well. I mean, I’ve only had like 6 strokes in two whole years. Not a lot compared to most people with pba or for people who stroke… Kinda glad that I rarely stroke anymore.

Why is this news?

news for me. not general news.

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Sz is a syndrome made up of many smaller diseases. I think there are two ways of looking at it, focusing on the individuals or on the disease as a whole. Unfortunately the doctors treating us assess us as a whole and ignore individual symptoms with their PANSS. If we get rid of the panss that will be a huge step in sz treatment.

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