Being confused and loss of identity

I feel like I have BPD… my treatment team including the doc laughed at me when I suggested it :frowning: i feel confused all of the time about things and feel weird

You feel too much. Just take your meds and go with what the doc says.


Could you explain more please

wow that sounds unprofessional.

Indeed it is unprofessional

I feel weird and confused too, but it’s quite common for my disorder - schizotypical PD, it is one of the many symptoms SPD shares with BPD.

I see. Could my case be BPD?

I’m pretty sure i’ve had schizotypal too. I have strange religiuos ideations and trouble with personality, social and odd behaviors.

@Crystal-Cotton only a pdoc can tell, i don’t know anything but Schizotypal PD and Borderline share some symptoms like feeling empty and weird. But they should not laugh at you anyway
@BrianTex … yeah, STPD may lead to schizophrenia, in europe it’s considered a mild kind of SZ. I dont know about “mild” but it’s sure a kind of SZ

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Oh I didn’t know that. I was thinking they go hand in hand.

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