Being average

Do you believe being average is a good or a bad thing?
Like… I hate the word “average” but I couldn’t found the better word.
What I mean by that, is average intellect, average looks (considered by society), average life.
In other words, being no better no worse than others in every way.

I personaly consider myself by looks and intelligence average, but there are some things I learn faster than others, or certain things which I do better…

Probably no one is “average” because there is atleast few spheres where we are amazing at.

So, overall, what do you think about term “average”? Do you believe it’s a toxic term?

Speaking as someone who followed your IG account in the past, you are not average. I am also certain there are things you can do better than others. Everyone has gifts, but not everyone opens them - some leave them under the tree and that’s a shame.

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I need to mention one thing - it’s quite hard to know what’s your gift sometimes. I know the best way to understand your gifts is to try everything what’s possible. But for some even that is not always helpful…
And I am a bit interested what do you mean by saying that I am not average… :slight_smile: And this gives me idea I shall reactivate my IG :smiley: THANKS

You have a brightness in your eyes that not enough other people have. I say again that you are not average. As to finding your gifts, try things. Lots of things. And make sure you fail at some things because if you’re not failing you’re not learing. At some point you’ll find the thing you are hard at failing at.

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Wow… thank you. That’s something I really rarely hear… :slight_smile: I never thought of being bright. or having brightness in my eyes… :slight_smile: I thought it’s the opposite.
And these are very good advices indeed. At this moment, I found that the best I feel when I write, and rarely fail when I write in lithuanian, native language.
:slight_smile: Probably the only thing which I am really kinda smooth at.

Your English is not perfect, but I find you very easy to understand.

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Yuupp I wasn’t the best student at college :smiley: my English is far from perfect, but it’s very nice it’s understandable.

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