Being an atheist must be frustrating


You have no one to yell to during sex.


Well It’s certainly not Jesus!-


Oh god hear we go again :joy:



Lol!!! 151515151515


how do you people not get suspended I wonder?!? lol


The stereotyping is not cool.

I don’t yell oh god during sex.

I yell money amounts! 10 thousand dollars! fifty thousand dollars!



what sex? not getting any lol


I’m sza with dyslexia…“oh my dog!”


Me either. And I’m not getting any younger. Lots of competition out there.

A lot of people here are having this problem. Maybe someone should start some kind of schizophrenic sex outreach program to remedy the problem. For example would it really be too hard for the government to supply hookers who take Medicare? I think not.


Yeah: I guess you could describe me as: “77nick77: different day, same old bull.”


This is why I just use expletives that would be censored here. :rofl:


The mods look the other way cause they secretly agree with me. And I give them a cut of the profits to keep quiet.


And there are people who tell me I’m not too old for sex. Really???


Yeah, when I get REALLY excited I start yelling “Oh Heck, oh heck. I feel darn, tootin good.” I can’t figure it out but then the women always stops and leaves.


I think I would cry if that happened to me. :laughing:


Believe me I do.


“Oh, Science! Oh my Darwin …”


Wow, that’s such a turn-on but I don’t know why.


why hookers? whats wrong with virgins haha