Being alone without people who matter

Being alone without people who specifically matter to my personality is getting really annoying and lonely… anyone wanna chat?

I miss my 26 year old life

My eyes are keeping me from realizing I’m alone like I still expect a welcome home from the hospital

Hi @Shrimpramen . Can’t really go into a long chat, I’m talking to someone on messenger, but hello.

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Hey there. I wanna dog what’s you dog like

Unfortunately, my dog had eye surgery a couple weeks ago. They are forcing us to keep cone on her head for awhile. She had some anesthesia today so vet could look at eye. She is not very happy atm.

Poor thing. I’ve never had veterinarians before. I used to be so happy everything was going right for me when I worked at Whole Foods I never had a chance to grieve my loss of friends car job or apartment I’ve been stuck mid eye pain for years. My relationships and everything still feel unresolved they ended abruptly and I just mentally keep begging for relationship closure but with the eye nerves something keeps me pulled back

Hope your doggie gets better!

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Thanks @Shrimpramen . She will eventually.

Sorry I know there was a shooting I am trying not to think of it to maintain a human psyche as much as possible. My thoughts race and I’m being held with what could be encephalitis or gluacoma or anything

It’s okay to feel sorry for yourself