Being a good godfather

Personally I have never received anything from my godmothers or godfathers. One of my godfather went to the French Foreign legion and was stabbed to death in Stockholm in the 1990s. Other godparents I have rarely seen ever. However I decided to be a better godfather for my goddaughter and decided that at every Christmas I give her some monetary gift as my resources allow. I have done this already in the past two years. What do you think about this?

That is a good start.

Do you and she e-mail or talk at all? I was thinking of all the joyous videos you post.

If you e-mailed her and said,… hey this joyous music reminded me of you… that would also be sweet and touching. There are things you can do to be a good godparent that take no money at all.

I am emailing some videos and photos to her mother who surely passes these to her. In my opinion money is a good gift because then people can use it as they wish. It is my little contribution.

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