Behaviour that's put you at risk of harm from others

When I was more ill before I met my wife I used to put myself at risk by dressing badly in women’s clothes Luckily nothing happened apart from my dad hitting me a couple of times. The funny thing is although I was anxious about talking to people I never considered the reaction I might get. I guess it was a sign of illness . However now I’m too fixated with other people’s possible reactions.

Not being or looking self-contained or self-absorbed when I’m out somewhere. I feel like a cat in a world of dogs.

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I tend to get taken advantage of because I totally trust people when I probably shouldn’t?

the behavior that I repeatedly would do over and over would be drunk in public.

Or I’d go to really shady parts of town to get high. The sad thing was… I didn’t just put myself in danger… I would take my kid sister with me and make her wait in the car.

Shame on you sir, shame

I know it… I was very selfish in my past, and it’s my biggest motivation to now be the opposite of who I was back then.