Behavioral Therapy

During my previous therapy/psychiatrist appointment (joint appointment - they are married) my doctors basically told me that since they can’t prescribe me any psychotropic medications, that in order for any improvement I would have to try out behavioral therapy. Now, once you get past the fact that your doctors have given up on you, try and think about it. I don’t see any reason to change from regular therapy to behavioral therapy. I actually liked my doctors… and I really doubt that behavioral therapy will work for me more than it will just piss me off. They say I need it so I can socialize better and learn better communication skills, but they just don’t realize that I communicate just fine when I want to. I just don’t want to. And forcing someone to socialize when they don’t want to, is likely to produce more anxiety in me than necessary.

Has anyone had any good experiences with behavioral therapy? I doubt I’ll ever get around to it, I feel like I can mold myself however I want to without any help. But that could just be me being stubborn.

Hi - I recommend you watch some of this video series on cognitive behavioral therapy for psychosis - and see if you think it might benefit you after you know more about it:

I have CBT in ADDITION to my meds. I don’t think my doc’s have given up on me at all. Just the opposite since they could just medicate me into dark numbness and set me in a corner for the rest of my days… wiping drool off my chin…

CBT has helped me control my voices, my delusions, my sneaky brained thinking and has gotten me into vocational training so I can hold down a job.

There were times it was hard and brought up a lot of ugly past and scared me and made me mad and made me depressed, but little by little I’ve gotten better and did the work and now… I’m having the best year of my life.

Meds AND therapy together. Due to the therapy and the coping tools, I think that is the reason why I can be on lower doses of meds.

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Sorry I worded that wrong. Didn’t mean to imply you or anybody else reading, was specifically referring to myself and my feelings. Hah. Part of me is glad I’m no longer on any medications besides Klonopin and my Gastro pills, but another part of me really misses the abilify. I functioned so well in society. I made time for all my friends. I worked at least three days a week. Now I only work two. I rarely see my friends. But also having a chronic stomach illness has kind of affected these things as well. I think with time, when I heal a little more, I can throw myself back out there again. Hopefully.

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No worries and no offense taken. I know that CBT has worked for me once I stayed sober and actually did the work.

I hope you find the path that works for you.

Thank you :smile:

By the way… welcome to the forum… Hope you find new ideas and feel welcome.

Thank you again! I tried two other forums before finding this one and this one just is smooth like butter. I love it. I spread the word of this forum in the “actuallyschizophrenia” tag on Tumblr. Sad that we had to make a separate tag just to weed out the people who were pretending to have schizophrenia and the ones who really did. It was a mess, but this is a great forum.

From what I heard those that have done DBT and CBT have prefered the DBT and found it more helpful. Only did a bit of CBT myself.but found it useful.

DBT since no ones mentioned it.

I’ve never heard of that but thankfully, I no longer having any drug-abuse, self-harm, or suicidal tendencies. Just very anti-social.

Might be easier to give you wikipedia’s list of psychotherapies to give you more idea what’s out there for you for other options as well. Just double click and will open the full page for you but I’m sure you figured that out