Begging people to stay in my life

My family has eidetic memory as a gene. I find myself begging old friends family and coworkers to remain in my life.

These people are all i remember of the good times and the thought of new friends doesnt appeal as much as the cherished youth i had before schizophrenia.

Anyone been to therapy about managing your relationship memories with loved ones who perceive you as begging


You could be giving those around you “compassion fatigue”. Others can only stand to hear about our problems so much before they start tuning us out for their own health.


Time moves on, as do the people swimming in it.

You can’t expect this of others.

In the last 10 years, I have failed to make friends in my community.

That’s not my fault, but society.

They have compassion fatigue from us because for someone to really help us it would require a level of compassion that’s not easily found in a lot of people.

Now I wonder what is the point with all this, as the only people who show me compassion in my community is my parents and mental health workers who’re paid to pretend to be compassionate.

I know a lot of people that work in mental health do care, but it says a lot when the only people you can go for a coffee with are paid for to do so by the government


Im sorry to hear youre going through that right now. I hope you dont dispair. There is a shortage of love in this world i think. But youll be alright and can make a difference and change that for others.

people dont stay in my life. they move on. the only constant is family.

I have four friends that I’ve had for quite a long time. My two female friends I feel I can talk to about just about everything, but I don’t reach out to them, except if we meet in person we might talk a little about my mental problems. I will reach out to family if I’m in trouble. But come think of it I don’t really reach out much to anyone, except here. I think this forum is a very good place to talk about mental stuff because people know what I’m talking about.


Thank you everyone. Yeah my family i beg them to just understand they never do

I hate to put it this way, but lowering my old standards and expectations for friendship has actually helped me make more friends. I used to be kind of snobby about friends, but now I’ve learned to accept people for who they are and quit being judgmental as much.
A few years ago I didn’t have any support from friends, but I put the effort and work in and now have a few really good people that I consider friends. Here’s a picture of my friend on Memorial day and his “big catch”…we all got together and did a fishing trip/picnic that day.