Before the internet....?

How did you find stuff about psychosis…?

I found out a lot by asking my doctors and therapists,

Also using the resources at the library.

I admit I went to book shops to get info on it, I was quite obsessed trying to study it at the time

I didn’t have my first psychotic break until 2005.

I really suffer because of that.

I was always fascinated to study psychosis from books, I bought many of book back then

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why was that aku

By experiencing it and being formally admitted to a psych ward.

When I refused there meds They injected the meds in a needle into me, twice it happened

…All we had was Playboy.

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My psychiatrist didn’t tell the name of my disease that is schizophrenia. I read it on Raper of my meds. I understand the symptoms and all about this SZ on internet after so many years. Here in India all doctors misbehave theirs patients if asked about information’s on internet.

Sorry to hear Aku seems the docs stigmazise it?

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I didnt get psychosis until after the internet. I wonder if it would have been better before…

After a real bad response to meds i obsessively searched the internet. After that i knew all about decent criticism against psychiatry, but also the most rare damage meds do and most far-fetched complot theories. Helped tremendously. :roll_eyes:

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I didn’t experience full-blown psychosis until about the time the iPhone was released.


I read books from library on abnormal psychology

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I read selfhelpbooks back in the days and joined a Christian community.

i knew something from young age.but it all made sense when i read it on internet.

Psychosis hit in 2018 for me way after the internet

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