Before Sz focus issues

Did you have trouble staying focused before Sz? Even if you were just a daydreamer/procrastionator and not labled by a Dr.


Before I was diagnosed I was a drug addict and high school dropout. Right before I got sick I started reading. When I was first hospitalized I had a book of poetry I loved. I was memorizing the first several poems in the book and wouldn’t read further out of a kind of reverence. When I was transferred to the state hospital a teacher gave me a book of classic poems. I became an intellectual after getting sick and with no schooling it was very hard for a long time with successes and setbacks.

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Yes, was diagnosed add. But I think the diagnosis was bunk, I believe the focus issues were just very very early signs of schizophrenia. Also at the same time I started caring less about my grades etc.

Everyone thought i was a stoner or “so burnt” in highschool. I was pretty spaced out lol. I never smoked anything in high school tho

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