Before Schizophrenia

She was an activist. She protested WHINSEC. She tried to get a divorce before a protest against WHINSEC, She was held in jail until her court date and refused to post bail. The divorce was dismissed afterwards due to her schizophrenia. She has been psychotic for ten years since she was confined for the peaceful protest at Fort Benning, Georgia.

My father is protecting my mom because she is mentally ill and doesn’t understand the danger she was in. I found her binder from studying teaching in Palestine–through Amnesty Int. and it’s called Justice Peace Academy, and the stuff she was studying was not what I thought. I think they were trying to set her up, because she was studying something else.

She was studying Islam in a “non-violent peaceful” context. She didn’t know what she was studying or taught to believe. Thankfully she doesn’t even remember any of that and she has false memories. She was probably unaware of the meaning of the word jihad and that a real organization would not include that in their literature.

Yeah it’s hard not to breakdown these-days. schizophrenia…

Am I reading into things? was the word just in context to our times? I think I overreacted.

I hope you find peace with this going on. Take care!

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You’d be surprised – or maybe you wouldn’t – to know how political extremists wound up on Stel, Tril, Cloz and what have you… and not because anyone forced it on them.

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Before schizophrenia there was darkness and the heavens were silent and still and void of disharmony. God said, “I will create a man and women in my image.” and thus Adam was born. And when Adam was sleeping, he took a rib and Eve was born. They lived peacefully in the Garden of Eden for a year.

But lo and behold, Mary Jane was found growing in an insignificant small plot. And Adam and Eve smoked heavily even when Eve was impregnated. And she had great stress and touched cat feces and used meth. And a dysfunctional kid was born. And god said, " Let there be schizophrenia". And the child was much shunned and treated lower than the snake who tempted Eve and no one understood him. But God, “Said, Let there be SSDI”. And the child somehow survived. And this is the origin of the curse and scourage of the blackness of the heavens and the universe.


Yeah no I was. My dad has no idea or thinks Im crazy. In her binder the papers. But despite the Islam beliefs she studied, none of it was extremist or violent. I didn’t read through everything but I skimmed most of it–and the papers were intellectual discourse about freedom from oppression in the Middle East.

I told my father that she had notes where she was told the word JEHAD/JIHAD meant “Good”

but it does not, and he thought oh it just must mean that in their language. Like seriously?

greatest story ever

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cc: @77nick77

I don’t know about ever, but it was damned ■■■■■■■ good.

Please let me exagerateeeee :smile:

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God is a bit mad himself

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@Minnii Anytime. 15 15 15

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OT, but seriously what do you think? Was my mother set up for her activism, or was she studying Islam in a peaceful perspective–but being misled by the people there who were in the Middle East. I think I threw most of the bad stuff away I wanted to show you the images of the writings and get an understanding.


Very possibly. Because there’s a lot of that going around in all of the extreme, "fundamentalist*, totalistic, “absolutistic” versions of the pronouncement-prone, authoritarian belief systems. But rather than try to sell you on a point of view, I’ll turn you onto some great stuff about systems of belief that – if you’re willing to dig in a little – will provide you with the data you need to make your own decision. (Even just reading all the comments on the web pages should get you quite a ways down the road.)

(which is available for zip in .pdf, btw)

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Thanks! Yeah I am simply trying to understand this ideology. In fact, it shed insight into some of the thinking of our times and of the Muslim feelings and expressions. They are a very hurt people and my mom said that when she was in Palestine the families greeted her with warmth and compassion. She said they were a beautiful people despite their hardships. She was supposed to be teaching conflict resolution to young Palestinians as opposed to violence or violent reactions to the occupation. It’s painful. very painful to read this and know how much hurt they have suffered at the hands of occupation.

I agree with my mom. Non-violence is the solution. I also think in 2004 must’ve been a very dangerous time to visit the Middle East. She told me an Israeli soldier pointed a gun at her and her American friend who came with her, and that he said just to keep walking and the man put his gun down.

BTW this was an Amnesty funded US involved peace effort. To my knowledge, there was nothing in the literature that would suggest anything worse than those two pages I posted. That was the gist and it upsets me because I think she was somehow set up by political oppressors, but that’s the risk she took when she decided to get involved in peace activism.

My mom hasn’t been involved in activism for 10+ years, I think she was burnt out over it.

Schizophrenia directly correlates to her situation. I called the ambulance the other night on my mom, and my dad turned them away when he got home. He said that they would just take her to jail because police are not equipped to handle mental illness.

My mother was trying to divorce my dad, my dad’s lawyer as the plaintiff got the divorce dismissed–and is now her power of attorney. I find that ironic.

Maybe. I’m with Old Man Krishnamurti (and Old Man Gurdjieff) on it, though. They both figured the leaders, at least, would have to develop their consciousness / awareness / mindfulness / observation etc. in a very straightforward (at least as regards Krishnamurti) way… and give up belief altogether. Psychotherapy is rapidly moving in that direction. So is sociology. Jurisprudence and the physical sciences have been “sort of” there for 200 years. Maybe the rest of us will get there.

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Well that’s true. Religion is a form of mass mind control imo, and can be used to sway people towards unjustified causes. For instance, the literature she read suggests that its ok to commit acts of war in response to the oppression, that is not what my mother believes.

My mom is a pacifist. She is completely opposed to violence and I agree with her. I am on that level of thinking, that all acts of harm against another individual are wrong and hurtful not only to the victim but the perpetrator.

BELIEF is what drives a culture to commit atrocities but also the opposite. To try and put it all together is corrupt. True Islam does not support these acts of war, and that term is not in the Koran. She was misled.

Thankfully my mother is not involved in that anymore. Maybe that’s why schizophrenia manifested. Because it was right after she came back from the Middle East that I had my break with reality.

I think God made me have schizophrenia to protect me from my mother’s activism…it would be easier to explain to the FBI that my mom has a genetic schizophrenia illness than that she was misled. She really was misled. She didn’t seem happy when she came back and that’s when her illness started getting worse.

I was very frightened when I found this binder. But a voice told me where the binder was, and said it was something that I needed to see. And low and behold!! It kind of answered something, a reason. Schizophrenia= manifestation of sickness. The mind becomes sick for various reasons. I knew that it directly correlated to my mom’s trip to the Middle East, and I woke up and literally broke down completely at boarding school. I wanted to go home, to protect my mom. I couldn’t explain why but I broke down to protect my mom.

If you dig around, you’ll find scholarly articles on this syndrome. There are quite a few.

You may want to look into some of these books, all of which describe the sort of family behavior you just touched on.

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'Fraid so.

Have you read the Quran? (I have an acquaintance here who is a Quran scholar. He has shown me enough to convince me that much of it is rather like the first 10 or 12 books of the Hebrew Tanakh, which is the Judeo-Xtian Old Testament in chronological order. Lots of righteous smiting and such to further Allah’s holy cause.) No real message of forgiveness anywhere, though some may beg to differ.

Might have been a factor. I would suggest caution in thinking that it was the complete cause.