🍻 To you folks

You all have opened my eyes in so many ways. Even the people I never directly interacted with on hear. You’re posts have given me yet another perspective into the collective struggle with this illness. It has made me feel less alone, and allowed me to feel human.

I have this community to thank for showing me all I needed to see to get myself on the path I’m on now.

So cheers! Let’s beat this illness. We’ve got to learn to live well, we’ve got to spell that out to people who need help.

The government, our loved ones, this community… we are all on the same side.

You can talk about stigma… but the more you learn to keep yourself in line with normal expectations(whether that’s a good or bad thing) you will only find sympathy and understanding, even respect… they don’t know the details, but they’ve all at least heard of this illness… they know it’s gotta be tough… I think if they could see how we all interact on here… Everyone in the world would think differently about us… our neuroses and delusions are for the most part out of our control… yet most of us are mindful of this. To me they’re just quirks… and you all are by far the most interesting people I’ve had the pleasure of talking to.



Sweet :smile:


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Yeah new medication and new workout regime, quitting alcohol/drugs, going to IOP…I’m gonna beat this illness!

Half lifestyle Half What you put into your body I’d say


For real man… that’s what it’s all about. It’s surprising how easy it is to be motivated after cutting out the substances. I mean the human being just naturally wants to do things.

It also adds patience and discipline over time.

Right back at you. :heartbeat:


I haven’t completely cut out the substances yet, it’s been tough. But I think with working out and adding the new workouts I can do it. I feel so depressed when I wake up after a night of drinking. When I go to IOP I don’t even think about drinking. I wanna go to IOP for a long time, and work out the other nights. And maybe go to AA the other nights.

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What substances haven’t you cut out?

Just alcohol. I’ve been drinking sporadically. Having “relapses” I call it. Like Friday night I wasn’t gonna drink but then 9:00 came the liquor store was closed and I showed up and the guy let me in anyways and sold me beer. Next friday if the same thing happens I’ll go to the gym instead.


That’s the key right there…

At first I questioned if it’d be something that would totally crumble if I was reexposed to alcohol… that doesn’t seem to be the case… I can think about it all I want now and I don’t have any desire… the only way that was possible was to learn to see the world without alcohol… learn to live with a mind that doesn’t acknowledge the alcohol. There is more to do than get ■■■■■■ up…

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Hope you can get rid of it quickly. Life becomes easier to deal with, on the contrary to popular belief.

Last night was good. I ran, I lifted weights. Then I drank a protein shake. Went to the grocery store got some fried chicken mmmmmm and a â– â– â– â–  TON of fruit.


I always get new ideas and coping tools from this site.

Thank you all.


Cheers :beers:

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I’ll give that one a like…

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Am glad I found this site its helped alot


You’re not invincible though @soitgoes just be diligent. Setting good example right now way to go. Thanks for encouragement.

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:smoking::sunglasses: - who cares

haha jk buddy

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