Been to the NHS assessment team

They don’t think I have bipolar and are now saying I don’t need to see the psychiatrist although I had to explain in 17 minutes how I was feeling and the guy kept putting words into my mouth til I told him to shut up n listen. He won’t send me to see the consultant psych so he told me I have to get a job to distract myself from the stress.
So I said well you clearly didn’t listen CIA I was like it at work anyway.
He said I should phone CAB for my financial state and go to CBT groups and to ring people although I clearly said I don’t have money on my phone!!!
So what do I do now?
I’m thinking of just leaving like I did before and just camping wherever. Cos I dunno what else to do
The family clearly don’t understand neither so I’m jusyt alone in all this.

Go to your family doctor and get a referral or go private.

I have an appointment on Wednesday xx thanks I will do that xxx

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good luck Webby