Been Through A Lot.. Finally Good Times Are Back

Hello… I just wanted to share my feelings because I feel really good after a long and an arduous path to recovery.

I was admitted into the hospital not once not twice but four times and that left me damaged and also my parents were devastated. I was diagnosed with SZ in 2015 July. At first I did not understand what was happening to me… I was taken to the hospital without my consent or knowledge. It felt like I was being kidnapped by my own family. When the first time I entered into the hospital I was in a state where I was thinking that I was working for a mafia leader in India secretly and all the big film stars of Indian film industry and Hollywood and football players too were supporting me. They knew who I was but due to my secrecy they just sent me secret messages which I had to decode. It was like fight club. I was watching a lot of movies and felt that all those movies had a hidden message for me… after watching Matrix I felt like I was “The One” and even saw the woman in red dress on the road. I felt that all the enlightened beings and celestial beings too were talking to me and that I was doing god’s work.

I used to work at Amazon Hyderabad as a customer support executive and felt that my colleagues were harassing me by calling me gay because I was not mingling with other female colleagues. So once I got into a fight with a co-worker and hit him hard and they sacked me from my job.

My parents were in USA, Pheonix when this happened and when they returned to India I was violent and abusive.

So under these circumstances I was admitted into the hospital … I was heart broken from the fact that people weren’t believing me and that I was completely wrong.

When I was released from the hospital I did not feel good at all … and I was doing a lot of weed at the time which I thought was some kind of a tool to communicate with god.

So all these things happened and I was on and off meds till 2017 and got admitted 3 more times.

But I finally gave up on weed in 2016 Feb, since then I have never smoked weed and I am proud of it. I realized how harmful was it for my health and finally got back on track. But jobs were something I did not enjoy a lot because I always wanted to do something which excited me so I was into film making as it interested me a lot and also trading.

So currently I am working on my business and also film-making. I like to watch and make documentaries. Some day I will make a documentary on mental health issues and drug abuse.

I am happy with the way things are going right now… I almost sold my Xbox-One because I didn’t feel passionate about gaming after SZ but now again I am into a lot of gaming and I love it. Playing lots of fifa, assasins creed origins currently and have in my collection a couple of other games.

Since I started gaming I feel confident about myself again…feel like I am back. This forum has helped me a lot too… there are wonderful people I’d like to thank …with whom I have interacted and with whom I haven’t. Thanks for making this forum what it is… and also a big thanks to all the mods and also the admin… I saw a thread where it read something like… “do you feel proud when SZ Admin gives you a like or replies to you” guess what he liked one of my comments… I feel proud…lol.

Thanks for taking your time and reading this.


Bhai accha bolle…!!! This forum inspire me alot…!!


I’m glad you’ve improved so much! Go you!

I’m also grateful for this forum. It helps to not feel so alone in what I’m going through.


Good for you for giving up on the weed @latenightsurfer. Also, glad you are feeling better.
I love this forum too.:heart_eyes_cat:


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