Been talking to my dad on facebook!


In the past we have been distant but he is coming around and talking to me a lot on facebook now? what does that mean?



Maybe he’s getting old and realizing his tone to mend things is limited. Take advantage of it. Enjoy it.



Maybe he’s putting out feelers to see if you’re stable now and if so maybe he wants a relationship



I don’t know. Maybe he wants a relationship with you, or maybe he wants to take advantage of you. I hope this turns out to be a positive for you and your father, but I also say approach with caution. It’s difficult to know what people’s intentions are.



@LED yes he really has become nicer as he’s grown older now…Idk.

@Pianogal idk he just started this…not sure how to take it.

@TheCircleOfFifths he is just nicer I think these days…



That’s good! :grin: Perhaps this is the beginning of a rewarding relationship. I sure hope so. Good luck to you and your father!

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I think he just wants to get closer with us honestly…he knows we’re awful distant…

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I think hell will literally have to freeze over to get my dad to join Facebook so you are very lucky.

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