Been sleeping too much...going back on the night shift

I have been sleeping the last four days from about five pm to seven a m the next morning…I feel weird…I’m staying up again…I liked it better when I had to play catch up on my sleep in the morning and afternoon…

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Wow. You sleep 14 hours a day?! Have you been checked for sleep apnea? I need to get checked for it. I see my new primary dr in March and will bring it up. I sleep 12 hours and am still always super tired

no testing really needed…I just wear myself and then play catch up…

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Sounds like my sleep schedule, going to bed at 5pm and sleeping to 6 or 7am. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a life when sleeping this way.

I’m in bed by 5 pm, because of the fatigue from med side effects and diabetes, and so I wake at 5 am. I would like to get by on a bit less sleep. I can’t make it past 5 pm…dead tired.

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