Been sleeping long stretches

Although the intention was just to go for a nap. For example went for a supposed nap at just before 12 in the afternoon and woke up just after 1 in the morning.
It’s currently playing havoc with keeping on top of any new news . So sorry and kudos to @everhopeful and the rest getting the news out there.


bears hibernate. so maybe you’re turning into a bear…lol just kidding. i don’t know

You haven’t moved into your new place yet, have you?
Maybe the stress of the move is causing you to sleep more, not a bad thing per se, if it helps keep your stress down?

Not yet. You could be right that stress is making me sleep more.


Sounds like depression.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Yeah forgot about depression.
People sometimes sleep more when they are depressed.
You could be right @kindness


I am not noticing I am any more depressed than usual.

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